Offering competitive compensation and benefits programs can help you attract top tier candidates and avoid loss of top performers to the competition.


pay band and incentive plan design

There isn’t really a hard rule when designing pay bands, as a lot depends on your decision regarding market position (which percentile you wish to pay). We will help you design pay bands that are based on valid market research, fit your competitive position in the market, and don’t result in pay band compression.

We have considerable experience in designing incentive plans. We can review your current plans or design new ones aimed at driving behaviours that will elevate the performance of your organization. Our approach focuses on creating a pay for performance culture that drives behaviours that lead to long-term business success.  

benefits program design

Our process for designing your benefits plan focuses on getting the most value out of the plan for your employees while managing the cost structure to a level that is sustainable for your business. As benefits costs continue to soar in Canada, management of these costs has become a strategic necessity for many companies. We’ll work with you to determine the right mix of benefits offerings and coverage levels. We can also be an important liaison with your benefits consultants and carrier, ensuring your best interests are kept front and center.

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