What drives change in a business? It can come from just about anywhere. Effectively dealing with change puts a company in a better position to compete long-term.


Change management

Many change efforts fail, sometimes because there is one basic but critical step missed in the process. We help you implement change initiatives by properly diagnosing what needs to change and leading you through a thorough eight step change model. Our process allows you to be proactive, engage the right stakeholders, and enable the people of your organization to lead the change effort.

As you initiate a change in your organization, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a clear rationale for the change?

  • What is your desired future state?

  • Do you have a strategy?

  • How will you build commitment and engage staff?

  • Do your leaders understand their role in the change process?

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People instinctively don’t like change and can sometimes throw a wrench into your change effort. Let us help lead your organization through change and ensure your workforce is engaged along the way. We have led many change initiatives over the years, many of which have resulted in improved business performance and increased engagement across the organization.

HRIS and Learning management system implementation

We have helped companies through the implementation of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). We currently partner with some well-known service providers to help with your implementation needs.

How does an HRIS help your business? It can automate many processes within your HR function and relieve the burden of paper filing and manual data management for your HR team and management. Vacation, benefits, hiring, onboarding, and performance management are some areas of your HR function that can be streamlined and save your company hundreds of hours per year in administrative and non-valued-added time.

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