Navigating employee relations issues can be time consuming and complex. The employee-employer relationship is very dynamic and is impacted by several pieces of legislation, such as human rights law, employment standards, and Occupational Health & Safety.


Employers must take precautions to ensure they do not expose the organization to risk that could result in hefty lawsuits and long-term damage to their reputation. We offer many solutions to help you manage your relationship with employees and minimize legal exposure from changing legislation. Listed below are some of the services we offer:

human rights and employment law compliance

We can help you design your hiring procedures so that you can avoid costly human rights lawsuits. Many human rights complaints stem from questions asked through the interview process. We develop hiring practices that avoid these pitfalls and train your managers how to avoid inadvertent discrimination.

We also can work with you to develop employment agreements and contracts that protect you from large legal bills by making sure the right employment terms are cemented in writing.

policy development and employment handbooks

Having workplace policies in place can benefit you in many ways. They outline rules and standard behaviours expected from employees, set guidelines for dealing with routine situations, promote fairness and consistency, and provide a mechanism for communicating to employees.

Over the years, we’ve developed large policy libraries and conducted countless hours of research to ensure our policies are credible, consistent with legislation, and provide clear expectations for all policy stakeholders. We can develop basic policies such as vacation, overtime, and leave of absence, as well as complex policies for alcohol & drug testing and anti-harassment. We tackle ongoing challenges presented by changes to legislation, such as the recent legalization of cannabis, and help ensure you have adequate policies in place to minimize risk to the organization.

workplace investigations

Workplace Investigations is a high-risk area for a company and must be approached with diligence, objectivity, credibility, and fairness. We can support you with confidential and independent workplace investigations. In our experience, we’ve dealt with just about everything and can offer a very structured process to ensure fairness and objectivity and that all parties involved understand their expectations.

We ensure that not only a methodical investigation process is undertaken, but that it is also backed up with credible documentation and sound recommendations.

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performance management

Performance Management is a complex area in human resources and can be administered in a variety of ways. We have worked with several organizations in creating and administering complex performance management mechanisms, conducting 360-degree evaluations, and providing training and coaching for supervisors and management.

While performance management can be administered in many shapes and sizes, our focus is building a culture of accountability. This involves supporting you in establishing goals for your direct reports, gaining acceptance of those goals, objectively measuring performance, and providing timely and ongoing feedback.

employee separations

Terminating an employee, whether for cause, without cause, or during a workforce reduction can be extremely difficult. We can help alleviate that stress by providing logistical planning (in the case of a large reduction), on-site support for the termination meeting, providing training to management, and providing outplacement services.

outplacement services

  • Manager training for layoff meetings.

  • Workshops for survivors to help adjust to the new organization.

  • Employee engagement initiatives.

  • Resume and cover letter writing for terminated employees.

  • Training for building interview skills for terminated employees.

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